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I have tried all kinds of work-arounds with no luck. Placing my cursor several rows down, Highlighting several rows, Merging several rows, etc. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help.

Numbers for Mac: Add and change rows and columns in a Numbers spreadsheet

Skip to main content. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. David Silberberg Created on July 1, Sandy Writtenhouse on November 2, By freezing one or both of these areas, you can scroll through large spreadsheets while still being able to see the headers. You can do this by clicking any area of the table. You can also click the Header Rows and Header Columns options to select the number of rows or columns to freeze.

Once you make the change, you will notice that you can scroll and not lose sight of those headers. You can follow those same steps to add more columns or rows, or alternatively use the instructions below. To delete rows and columns that have data, option-drag.

Freeze Rows & Columns in Excel for Mac 2011

Insert or delete a row or column within the table: Move the pointer over a row number or column letter, click the arrow, then choose a command from the menu that appears. Insert multiple rows or columns at once: Anywhere in the table, select a number of rows or columns equal to the number of rows or columns you want to insert, click the arrow next to one of the selected row numbers or column letters, then choose Add Rows Above or Add Rows Below or Add Columns Before or Add Columns After.

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Delete multiple rows or columns at once: Adding header rows, header columns, or footer rows converts existing rows or columns into headers or footers. For example, if you have data in the first row of a table and you add a header row, the first row is converted to a header row that contains the same data.

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Add or delete headers and footers: To remove all headers or footers, set the number to zero. Freeze header rows and columns: To learn how to show table headers on every page of a printed spreadsheet, see Print a spreadsheet. Select the rows or columns you want to hide.

How to freeze rows and columns in Excel

Move the pointer over a row number or column letter, then click the down arrow that appears and choose Hide Selected Rows or Hide Selected Columns. A gray bar appears between the column letters or row numbers to show where columns and rows are hidden. To show hidden rows or columns, select a row or column adjacent to the hidden ones.